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155 add

Hyper additif

Cette applications est genial <3

Icin pro <3

S biffant !


Excellent app, but why dont add a silencer in the option menu for any gun ?

Cool mais

Bien mais trop dachat inclut

IGun Pro reveiw

Very awesome game


Muito bom

Ótimo - Great!

Ótimo - Great!

So so

Its with some bugs.

Good stuff

I like it! But please give us the wwII mg43 or the same from the german-Bundeswehr the mg3. And the g3 and others more......


Cool App. Five stars of every weapon has a reallistic reloading system. What about a RPG ? Sorry for my english writing


Das ist nur eine animation das ist nich call of duty oder battlefield -.-


Ist sehr Funny

One Of The Best Apps I Have Ever Used

IGunPro is an amazing app. It gives you a large amount of amazing guns to start off with. You can then over time save up coins to buy other amazing guns or customize the appearance of guns using skins. While I am writing this there are currently over 4000 skins to choose from. The graphics of the guns is incredible and they look so realistic! My only request would be that you could name your guns and create your own skins. Great app! I love it!


You guys at Crimson Moon really know what youre doing. If possible, the only way this app could be better is if we put all these picatiny and optic rails to use. So we could have under barrel attachments, precision sights, and extended magazines like you talk about in the "info" section. Or different scopes on the snipers. If you added these Id add any app you guys make without a second thought

Awesome game

Bring back the unlock all gun deal

:-) amazing!!!!!

Amazing game,but here are some thing you should add. Gun club. Compete against you friends. Custum your guns (not just color). Now my best idea.......LOL GUN. Thanks hope you add these.

Awesome app but one thing

You should make it easier to get coins in this game because I dont go on this game daily and some guns are over priced because you would need to go on the game 13 days to get something like a new gun and camo for it so thats all I ask and I think everyone else wants to earn coins easier am I right?


This game is fun and allows you to fool around with tons of different guns. However, this game is not entertaining enough to play constantly

This game is great

I got the game after a few days it was great

Best gun app!!!!!!!!!!

Best gun app I have played in my life but I would like coins to be easier to get or lower the gun prices

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